New Appellate Division Grants Jersey Emergent Appeal and Dismisses Slander and Libel Claims Brought Against Municipal Councilman

Elena Portales and Sean M. Lipsky represented municipal councilman in defeating slander and libel claims brought by another municipal councilman arising from statements made during the course of an election campaign.  After the defendant’s motion for summary judgment was denied by the trial court, the New Jersey Appellate Division granted a request for an interlocutory appeal and determined, as as a matter of law, that the trial court had erred and the slander and libel claims had no legal basis.  Based on this ruling, we were even able to compel the opposing party to remit a payment to a charity of the client’s choosing to satisfy his counter-claims for filing a frivolous action.  A complete copy of the New Jersey Appellate Division’s decision is found at Rosenblatt v. Camella, 2012 WL 3116682 (App. Div. 2012).